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In 2018, our team of high schoolers set out with a single mission: to provide students with high-energy, personalized, and hands-on technology education in a summer camp setting. For the last few years, Future Engineers Camp has been making STEM exciting with concepts that are applicable to the real world. Since our formation, we’ve spread our love for engineering and computer science to hundreds of students and families across the Bay Area. Now, we are on the way to inspiring countless students and giving them an early edge in technology!

Our Philosophy

Through our personal passion for Engineering, we’ve found it invaluable to understand and apply concepts in both mechanical and software engineering. We believe that an early start to STEM learning can lead to a bright future in engineering. Now we want to share our interest with other kids and help them become passionate engineers themselves, all while having tons of fun. We believe everyone should have an opportunity to explore STEM fields, and our camp is a great place to do so. Our teachers follow a student-centered approach to learning and we sustain a 1:4 teacher to student ratio!

Join Us!

Here at Future Engineers Camp, we believe that all students should have access to a STEM education. We are always looking passionate individuals dedicated to furthering our mission! Contact us if you would like to work or partner with us! To apply to teach at our classes, please fill out this form:

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