Our Classes

Hands on, Inspiring, and Fun.

Students will cover a variety of topics throughout the week. We believe in personalized teaching for every student to ensure their progression through our courses.

Topics We Cover

Lego Robotics

What you’ll do at camp

At our Lego Robotics camp, students will learn a variety of real world engineering concepts that are simplified through the use of LEGO. Some of the topics covered include rack and pinion steering, differentials, building strong, and more. By utilizing the simplicity of LEGO and the motorized components of LEGO Power Functions, students will be able to build complicated robots without having and previous technical knowledge. With the right materials, mindset, and help when needed, students will be able to build an amazing robot after only one week.

Power Functions

Power Functions is a motorized system developed by the LEGO company to help kids understand robotics and fully utilize their LEGO pieces. We'll be using them a bunch during the week in order to power a variety of different creations. The parts include a battery boxes to provide power, different types of motors to make things move, a remote control, and IR receivers. Using Power Functions components, students will be able to make their cars, battlebots, and other creations come to life.

Web Development

HTML/CSS Syntax and Styling

HTML/CSS Syntax and Styling are the core of Website Development. Together, they provide the skills necessary for building your favorite websites combining the compelling content with the aesthetic styling for a masterpiece beyond imagination. Students will enjoy being able to create their own personal websites at the end of the session, and this knowledge will traverse with them in the future.

JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript Libraries are a great helping hand when making websites dynamic, so that users can interact with the website by clicking on elements and changing the pages. They are pre-written JavaScript which allows for easier development of JavaScript applications. This is essential when coupled with knowledge of HTML and CSS to really help your website stand out.

iOS App Development

Swift and Xcode Basics

There are over two million iOS applications on the app store. Being able to create your own iOS applications will allow you to be able to solve any problem you can think of, and helps you to really understand how the apps you use everyday even work. We will be covering the basics of Swift programming and how to use Xcode, so that students will be able to create a fun and functional iOS application by the end of the week.

Java Programming

Java Applications

Java is considered to be the first step into Computer Science. The possibilities of Java Applications are endless. This is an introductory class, focused on terminal-based applications so that no level of experience is required, but is encouraged. Students will be able to understand the building blocks of programming languages through interactive sessions, and this is the perfect introduction to foster anyone’s love for Computer Science.