Selfed Partnership

Future Engineers Camp

Giving an education. Giving a chance.

In 2016, SelfEd reached out to us about supplying our curriculum to low income schools around India. We jumped at this opportunity to bring STEM concepts to areas with little to no technology present. We realize that millions of students in some areas are unable to escape the poverty cycle due to inadequate education and of no access to the proper resources. With the SelfED partnership, we aim to fix this problem.

Workshop Recap

Over summer of 2017, Future Engineers Camp and SelfED ran several workshops to introduce basic STEM concepts in low-income schools across India. Students in 5th through 10th grade participated in hands-on activities with topics such as, Airplanes and Aerodynamics, Compression, and Tension, and Design Thinking. These topics were taught using accessible and low cost materials such as paper and tin foil. The students loved the projects and wanted more workshops throughout the school year.

Get Involved!

We constantly strive to enable students in low-income schools to learn independently with or without teacher guidance to overcome the limitations of their environment by bringing hands-on educational activities and resources. SelfEd is always looking for volunteers to achieve this goal. We are involved in many projects and we are looking for your help! Click here to inquire about offsite volunteering opportunities.

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